About Company

SUPREME MFB is a newly licensed MFB put in place by A GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS. It is well capitalized to impact positively, the lives of the Economically Active Poor (“EAP”) in its primary domain of operations in the first instance and the entire Nigerian economy in general. We are strategically located for easy accessibility in Kosofe Local Government Area, along Ogudu Road, by Alhaja Bus Stop, where we commenced operations officially on July 1st, 2010. The Bank is poised to introduce innovative and positive dimensions to the Microfinance Banking sub-sector in Nigeria by the array of well defined and distinct service and product differentiations as well as the pedigrees of its owners

Our Core Beliefs

Quality and Moral Values are Vital to us

Respect 100%
Service 100%
Professionalism 100%
Integrity 100%
Teamwork 100%
  • God Almighty alone is SUPREME; we are just privileged to work under HIM in “HIS” Microfinance Bank for positive changes in the peoples’ quality of life.
  • This GOD has a force through which poverty and lack can become history in the life of a man. This is “the force of possibilities”
  • With this force in mind, we form a partnership with our clients that cannot fail because GOD is in it. We are willing and ready to enter into any collaboration to bring this into reality.
  • Undoubtedly, there is so much poverty in the land. We are determined to make a positive impact in its elimination for those with whom we have relationship and WE CAN!
  • We also believe that we are put in place as an inspirational catalyst for the majority of the ordinary people to discover, key-in to and fully realise their God-ordained DESTINY.

Our Values

1. Safety of Assets & Investment funds through risk based quality professional decision.

2. Unbanked poor in the majority is a potent and viable economic force to be harnessed through innovative products and services.

3. Substantial poverty reduction is possible, first, through positive objective public policies, and, second, through efficient private sector action to lift the Economic Active Poor (”EAP”) through savings and credit opportunities, and a sense of involvement & dignity.

4. Real sector development for the EAP is better enhanced through multifaceted MFB service interventions and monitoring.

5. The EAP and the unbanked majority in Nigeria have the rights to get all their banking needs met through professional intermediations.

6. With INTEGRITY as a key factor, mobilization of savings and making credit available to micro activities and small enterprise are profitable, and essential in enhancing the sustainability of the small businesses and the grassroots economy.

7. Empowerment through: venture capital; manpower development; skill acquisition; governments’ infrastructure development; and other capacity building initiatives.

Our Vision

To be the HOUSEHOLD name in the world of MICROFINANCING and prove that by the right ACTIONS and ATTITUDE it is POSSIBLE to turn the table against POVERTY anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

To realize our vision, we are set to run a financial institution that focuses on PROFESSIONALISM, EXCELLENT ETHICAL STANDARDS and INTEGRITY to deliver the best POSSIBLE benefits to all our stakeholders, by optimally deploying the resources at our disposal.

Our Social Contract

In view of the foregoing, we are solemnly making the following social contract in form of the “Articles of Faith” with our amiable customers and the general public:

1. To be an agent of positive change in our operating constituencies and beyond.

2. To help you meet your real economic needs that will encourage your good citizenship of your community.

3. To be your anchor in storms and help you sail out of poverty.

4. To be the Innovative and Commercially viable Microfinance Solutions to the unbanked for their socio-economic empowerment.

5. To support your spirit of “YES I CAN” and be part of a whole that creates savings & investment fund needed to transform your immediate economy.

6. To be the ideal agent to redeem you out of oppression.

7. To establish a “Socio-Commercial” Business Model where cooperation with the Governments and the NGOs would be worked out to benefit the people and the society.

8. To do purpose-specific lending devoid of speculations and wishful thinking.

9. To be nimble and pragmatic in lending based on assumed and implied sincerity of our clients & borrowers.

Our Logo

It represents a form of centrifugal SUPREME (“S”) force enveloped in a moving oval or near circular shade of royal blue, signifying an unbreakable continuum. We believe that there is a SUPREME FORCE from GOD which shapes the affairs of men, societies, nations, and the entire world. We call it “THE FORCE OF POSSIBILITIES”, and as a change agent, we shall support, encourage, and inspire the potentials of men who make contacts with us to propel them to higher levels of life.

Our Colours

Our dominant colours are GOLD and ROYAL BLUE, symbolizing our service quality & fidelity, and our assurance of your bright future. While the two colours blend to form our logo as seen, the word “SUPREME” in our name is in GOLD while the remaining words and our addresses are in ROYAL BLUE. The standard background paper or object is WHITE colour. A touch of RED is however use strictly for our slogan which is “THE FORCE OF POSSIBILITIES” and for the abbreviations “SMFB” or “MFB” where applicable. Where the background paper or object is ROYAL BLUE instead of WHITE, the name is written full in GOLD as “SUPREME MICROFINANCE BANK LTD”. Where the background paper or object is GOLD instead of WHITE, then the name shall be written full in ROYAL BLUE.

Our Flag

Our flag has three colours. Vertically, the first one-third is WHITE. This part sits our logo. The other two-third part is horizontally sub divided into two equal parts. The upper half is ROYAL BLUE in colour with bigger prints of the word “SUPREME” in GOLD lettering. The lower half is GOLD in colour with the moderate prints of the word “MICROFINANCE BANK LTD” in ROYAL BLUE lettering.

In this flag, the WHITE portion represents “PEOPLES’ SUCCESS & PROSPERITY”; the ROYAL BLUE portion represents “BRIGHT FUTURE”; and the GOLD portion represents “EXCELLENCE”. These are the embodiments of the links between us and our customers & all stake holders.