I. Application fee of N1,000 per usage and other processing charges.

II. A form of SPECIAL OVERDRAFT to cope with surge demand & supply of the season

III. Maximum tenor of 30 days per usage.

IV. Procurements of goods or stocks directly from the source

V. Designed specifically for those that deal with seasonal items or activities like: Books & school bags Seller at the beginning of sessions; Seasonal foods and fruits sellers; gift items & hampers dealers at festivities; home decorators; etc.

VI. Interest rates of Standard overdraft rates less (-) 2 points!


seasonal business loan can help you manage and project cash flow through high and low sales months. You can also use a short-term loan for unexpected expenses or to grow your seasonal business.

Using a short-term loan means you don’t have to cut business expenses. That is helpful if it isn’t your busy season and you are already on a tight budget. Some costs may be necessary to operate. But, a low-income season can cause you to lack the funds you need to pay for them.

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